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Thumb Sucking Appliances in Hamilton

Thumb sucking in babies and young children is a normal self-soothing behaviour. At Downtown Dental Of Hamilton, our dentist can offer solutings to break this habit at an early age.

Thumb Sucking Appliances, Downtown Hamilton Dentist

What Can Our Team Do To Help?

Thumb sucking in very young children is typically not of concern as most children will outgrow this habit during the preschool years; However, it's best to get your child to stop sucking before their permanent teeth come in (generally by age 5).

If you are having trouble encouraging your child to break this habit, our team at Downtown Dental of Hamilton, can create a dental appliance, which is cemented behind your child’s front teeth to discourage thumb sucking.

The appliance is not uncomfortable for your child, but it makes the act of thumb sucking less enjoyable.

Our caring team is waiting to help you. If you have any questions about thumb sucking or any other dental concerns, please contact us. Request Appointment

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