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Dental Sedation

At Downtown Dental of Hamilton, our dentists offer dental sedation options to help patients feel more comfortable during long procedures, and to calm anxious patients. 

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Dental Sedation, Hamilton Dentist

What is Dental Sedation?

With dental sedation, we can leverage techniques to help patients feel more comfortable during dental procedures. Our dentists can help determine whether a dental sedation option is right for you. 

At Downtown Dental of Hamilton, we do everything we can to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental appointments. Along with offering sedation options, we believe in working at your pace, taking breaks when you need them, and providing calm reassurance as needed. 

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is designed to calm patients but leave them awake and able to communicate. Patients inhale this sedative through the mouth and nose. Also referred to as laughing gas, it tends to increase pain threshold, lessen anxiety and make time pass more quickly. 

IV Sedation

IV sedatives offer the deepest level of sedation without general anaesthesia as they are administered through the vein and enter the bloodstream. Our dental team will attach you to a monitor so that the dentist can track your vital signs during the procedure. 

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia causes a controlled state of unconsciousness and eliminates movement, awareness, and discomfort, leaving you "asleep" during oral surgery. The use of general anesthesia is determined on an individual basis and allows your dentist to safely and efficiently perform complex or invasive treatments in one appointment.

While this type of sedation is commonly used for patients who experienced high dental anxiety or low pain tolerance, it is also used for patients who are medically compromised, have special healthcare requirements, or other circumstances.

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