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Nervous Patients

At Downtown Dental of Hamilton, we understand that for some of our patients a visit to the dentist can cause apprehension. If you are anxious, rest assured we have a kind and caring team ready to listen closely to your concerns, and to make your visit with us as comfortable and easy as possible. 

There are many reasons why our patients experience dental anxiety. The most often reported include, fear of injections, pain during treatment, and the expectation of post-operative discomfort.


Most people are somewhat apprehensive during a new experience. Uncertainty about what is going to happen and tension with being in new surroundings increases anxiety. At Downtown Dental of Hamilton, our team and doctors will ensure that you are fully aware of a procedure before we are about to perform it.

Nervous Patients, Downtown Hamilton Dentist

Previous Experiences

Past bad experiences usually leave vivid emotional memories that can be triggered by just being in a dental office. If you have had a previous bad experience or a dental trauma, please ensure that you let our team know. Our job is to make you o help feel comfortable and safe in our care.


As an approved Anesthesia Facility, we are proud to offer a full suite of sedation options including Nitrous Oxide and Intravenous Sedation. Our team will ensure you are in good hands the entire time.

Learn more about our sedation services.

We Wait Until You Are Ready

Our most anxious patients tell us that their biggest fears are of needles during treatment. If you are afraid of needles, there is no need to worry. Our doctors will give you a topical treatment to ensure that your gums are well frozen before we administer the needle. This will avoid any pain during treatment and you won’t feel the injection. Just let us know when you are ready and we will walk you through the procedure slowly. If at any time during your procedure you would like us to stop, just raise your hand or give us a signal and we won’t begin again until you are ready.

If you have questions regarding our services for nervous patients, or any other dental matter, please contact our welcoming team at Downtown Dental of Hamilton. Request Appointment

From Our Team

  • Practicing good oral hygiene at home, combined with twice yearly visits to the dentist, is the key to good oral health.
    - Dr. Amato

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